Saturday, 21 November 2009

Dissolving Cube

Thursday 26th November 4 – 8pm
Ends Decemeber 6th 6pm
at, The Portman Gallery, Morpeth School, Bethnal Green

"Stainless" hand painted wall paper by sarah Sparkes 2009

I made hand painted wall paper, using a one inch decorating brush to creat a repeat motiff.

The Dissolving Cube presents work which corrupts the boundaries between object, word, performance, sound, the viewer and the viewed. The work includes visual, poetic and sound art forms which blend together to dissolve artificial boundaries between separate art works.

The show will pose questions concerning art's purpose. The work will interact with the audience of the school and local area. Several artists will be working with students to produce work for the show.
The cube will mutate, dissolve and reach out down Portman Place, beyond Globe road from four different zones. The artists will install their own work and negotiate the form which each zone takes.

Antonio Cabrera, Naomi St Clair-Clarke, Andrew Cooper, David Collins, Shireen Darabi, Daisy Delaney, Sarah Doyle, Charlie Fox, Mikey Georgeson, Emma Hart, Heike Kelter, Ryo Ikeshiro, Miyuki Kasahara, Simon Katan, Dean Kenning, René Luckhardt, Mark Mc Gowan, Hassan Najmi, Laura Oldfield Ford, Paul Sakoilsky, Kristian Sakulku, Sarah Sparkes, Thump & Fiend, Raymond Yuenfai Vuong,
Curated by Andrew Cooper