Monday, 19 December 2011

Treadwells 10th January 2012

Hope to see you at Treadwells  in the New Year where I'll be talking about Harry Price and his Library of Magical Literature 

Harry, a perpetual pipe smoker,  preparing for the infamous Brocken Experiment.

" The Famous Psychic Investigator: The Life, Adventures and Tragedy of Harry Price"

talk by Sarah Sparkes
January 10th
Time: 7.15 for a 7.30 start
"Harry Price (British, 1881-1948) is possibly the most controversial and famous psychical researcher ever to live. A celebrity in his day, he still deserves to be recognised, for he was an emblematic of an important facet of Edwardian society - the mass obsession with the supernatural. He did fascinating studies on haunted houses, investigated psychic activity, visited and tested mediums. He aimed to be scientific and impartial, and ended up discovering a great deal of fraud, as well as a few things he couldn't explain away. Tonight, Sarah Sparkes introduces this remarkable man, his work, his collection. An engaging speaker, Sarah is also an artist and researcher running a creative research project centred on the Harry Price Library now in Senate House." 
Price: £7.00

"so many people prefer the 'bunk' to the 'debunk'. Harry Price