Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Camberwell Arts Festival 2012

"Camberwell Tourist Information" 
My painting "Chutney Preserves 4 - The Animal Fair"  was printed as an edition of postcards and banners for Camberwell Arts Festival 2012.  This was part of an on-going project, "Camberwell  Tourist Information" celebrating Camberwell's weird and wonderful history and current attractions through the eyes of 9 invited artists. The postcards were available, for free, at venues around Camberwell and the banners were displayed along the railings of Camberwell Green - they were still there when I passed by recently.

My painting, "Chutney Preserves 4 - The Animal Fair" is a copy of a painting by Sidney Shepherd, made in 1850, depicting revellers at the great Camberwell Fair.  I repainted the people as animals of the kind performing at the fair and to create a flyer themed for the annual performance event I curate for Camberwell Arts Festival - The Chutney Preserves.  Chutney Preserves 4 took place in 2009. 

This year, 2012, saw The Chutney Preserves return for the sixth time with "Chutney Preserves 6 - the Puppet Games".  You can read more about it here.  

Here is my painting in banner form, hanging on the railings of Camberwell Green.  Where you can also see the work of Farah Bajull, Sarah Brigland, Godfrey Donkor, Sarah Doyle, Mary Evans, Garudio Studiage, Daniel Lehan and Derek Mawudoku.

The Camberwell Tourist Information Project will manifest at a later date, in the form of a publication - I'll be contributing a section on the Camberwell Fair.