Thursday, 3 May 2018

BEYOND Residency - The Cosmic Pond

Sparkes & Thompson have been selected for a residency at Allenheads Contemporary Arts in Northumberland, UK as part of the BEYOND project.

'Terraqueous II', hydrophone rig, The Cosmic Pond, Sparkes & Thompson, BEYOND Residency, 2018

The Cosmic Pond

In May and July 2018, Sparkes & Thompson will be artists in residence at Allenheads Contemporary Arts.  Our mission, to create sonifications of the invisible interacting forces that connect space and time in and around the North Pennines Observatory. The adjacent reservoir will be transformed into the Cosmic Pond, where aquatic lifeforms can be heard responding to the celestial rhythm of the dark skies above.

We will invite visitors to join us collecting data, sounds, images and narratives from various locations around Allenheads, recording night-time activity at the Cosmic Pond with portable sound recorders and hydrophones. Visitors can also take part in nocturnal sound walking and nature recording.
Check the Sparkes & Thompson news page  for project updates.

BEYOND is an ambitious project involving an eclectic mix of artists, curators, scientists and audiences to take advantage of its new on-site astronomical observatory and to consider the word BEYOND as an open ended starting point for discussion, research and the creation of new work.
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