Saturday, 1 May 2010



curated by Sarah Doyle and Sarah Sparkes

13th May8.30 - 11.30The Montague Arms289 Queen's Road, New Cross,SE15 2PA

Come visit The Montague Arms on the 13th May to witness the horror of hideous costumes, screeching voices, moaning incantations, bone shattering music, foul smelling herbs, tormented effigies, familiars, curse makers and witches with more than two nipples.

Molly Shea (SAIC), Rebecca Closure, Lennie Lee, Dickie Rage, Rebecca Feiner, Frog Morris, Joanna McCormick and Dido Hallet, Charlotte Squire, Rose Smith, Calum F Kerr, Grace Morgan Pardo, Paul Sakoilsky, Rachael House, Libby Shearon, Vanessa Mitter, Daniel Lehan, Miyuki Kasahara, Linda Persson, Sinead Wheeler, Mark Scott-Wood, yoke and zoom, Linda Barck, Sarah Sparkes, Sarah Doyle - more to be confirmed
curated by Sarah Sparkes and Sarah Doyle

We want the grim and the grotty to be in attendance.

Any one in a cute or burlesque style costume or any fool that is expecting to see this will be burnt.

Public Transport : New Cross Gate / Queens Road Peckham
"The Best Pub in the Country" The London PaperThe only pub with a licence to store dead bodies - allegedly (according to hearsay spread freely by Never Afraid)
Witch Night is one of a series of regular performance nights at the Montague arms hosted by - our facebook group
Entry £3 - £2 concessions for students, artists, withces with more than two nipples etc

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