Saturday, 26 July 2014


'NEVER AFRAID - The Woods' Sarah Sparkes

8 - 10 August
Braziers Park, Oxfordshire
Ipsden OX10 6AN

Very excited to have been invited to show some of my NEVER AFRAID paintings at SUPERNORMAL.  You will find them in the study at Braziers House.  Look out for the NEVER AFRAID portal above a threshold too.
Nice preview here from The Quietus
and in Joyzine


“In the small village of my ancestors, on the Oxfordshire Downs, a legend past down to me by my mother’s family could hold a clue to the town’s pre-historic past …”
For Supernormal 2014, artist Sarah Sparkes will be exhibiting some of her series of NEVER AFRAID works – primarily the paintings. These paintings represent landscapes as they disintegrate from the suburbs into the rural urban fringes; diminishing along tunnels of treelined lanes into an familiar yet uncanny territory. The subject of many of these paintings is drawn from locations close to Braziers Park as well as from further afield in Oxfordshire and Berkshire.
‘NEVER AFRAID’ is an investigation of the stories, symbols and fragmentary facts that we use to try to communicate with ‘the past’; ‘NEVER AFRAID’ is a challenge made on a threshold before crossing into a symbolic, supernormal space.

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