Sunday, 7 September 2014

Psychic Synopsis at Nunhead Open 2014

Psychic Synopsis: Indexing the Unconscious Mind of Nunhead Library

I'm delighted to be one of the artists commissioned to make work for the legendary Nunhead Open this year.
I have been researching the collection of books and other items at Nunhead Library. 
As 'the Psychic Librarian',  I have created an archive from items which particularly resonated with my unconscious mind, as I let it drift in fluidium of the library catalogue. 
I have created 52 index cards, one for each of the archived items.  

Dear Reader,

You are invited to close your eyes, put out your hands (palm downwards) to feel the vibrations from the cards. One card will resonate more strongly with you than the rest...chose this card...then make a journey to find the book, or other item, that is revealed when you turn the card over.

The Psychic Librarian will be present on Saturday 13th September
and absent on Saturday 20th September

More details here
Psychic Synopsis at Senate House Library here

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